Dojo von Youyou Yang

Experimentalfilm. Projektstipendium Filmstart01 (Produktion)

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MAI11 still1


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MAI11 still2

Experimental, 14 Min.
Youyou Yang

installation support:
Karl Robert Strecker, Yue Sun
programming support: Jukka Boehm
blue screen support: Ulrike Isenburg
transportation: Quan Deng

Around a Chinese moon myth, through the change of culture and time - from the east to the west, from ancient time to now - the project tried to assume (not to prove or reason) how the role of the female has been changed, how the history as fact and fiction formed in symbols, and what the disguised hidden desire was, is and will always be. That is the fear and wish to the death. The twitter formed dialog is like spells, incoherent and non-linear, with meanings changed in translation, lost in communication, and mystified in expectation. The program driven a dojo-like installation plays at background, reminding us of any kinds of a ritual that supposed to be deciphered, or vise versa, to remote things so that they could become completely not understandable for the sake of irrationality. Whoever stepped on the moon was a shaman, whom a mediator of reality and fiction, of living and dead, of the past and the present.

special thanks:
Andrea Sick
Daniel Rossi
Dennis Paul
Hairihan Baiyingbo
Harry Heimsoth
Ingo Vetter
Liang Duo
Lin Tao
Shuling Yuan
Ute Alexandra Fischer
Zhe Wang

Weserburg Bremen

Youyou Yang:

Unterstützt vom Filmbüro Bremen aus Mitteln der nordmedia
– Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH.

Projektstipendium Filmstart
Projektstipendium Filmstart
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