3.7.2010, 15 Uhr: Plantage 13

Diplom-Installation der HfK

Diplom-Installation der HfK Plantage 13 – Eingang Shed 1, 28215 Bremen Saturday, 3rd July: 15:00 - 19:00

"House", an animation film by Ahmad Saleh
The situation in Israel / Palestine always represented as complicated and impossible to be solved case. But actually in any situation where there is a criminal and a victim, the solution is clearly by stopping the crimes of the criminal and giving the rights back to the victims. What is really missing in Palestine's situation is to figure the the real crriminal and his original crimes.

HOUSE is a story that simplifies the history of the conflict in a symbolic and mini-scaled world.

"The Silent Witnesses", an interactive video installation by Chi-chun Chang
This is a work about the real world of food security and power distribution, a reflexive medium which raises the truth in people's mind among all the ignored facts. It is political, it is surreal, it is cruel, it is tempting, and it is true.

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