Russia today von Annegret Sachse

Dokumentarfilmessay. Microförderung Filmbüro Bremen 2017

Russia today film image Annegret Sachse
Russia today film image Annegret Sachse

Russia today

D/RU 2020, 93 min

A political documentary essay about Russia, filmed in Kaliningrad. Everyday observations of a region, its inhabitants, a nation - often associative, sometimes metaphorical, rarely unfamiliar.

Runners, numbers, applause. Fishers, horses, plows. Aggression, migration, surveillance, love. 2 spiders, 1 ring of power. Interweaving motifs gathered on their journey through the region, the German filmmaker and her Russian sound recordist assemble a mosaic of reflections on Russia’s current status quo. Fragments of conversations create a temporary space for personal encounters. The audience is invited to enter and connect.

a film by ANNEGRET SACHSE | faktor film | Berlin
sound YULIA GLUKHOVA | Moscow
co-producer OLGA YAKOVLEVA | august 26th studio | Saratov

East Silver Market 2020
Meeting Point - Vilnius, Coming Soon2018 - a Lithuanian film industry event for emerging European talents, where it was awarded a Cannes Film Market Work-in-Progress screening @ Vilnius IFF Goes to Cannes 2018

Funding Program for Women Artists in Film/Video, Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe 2017
Microfunding, Filmbüro Bremen 2017
German Films 2018

goEast Film Festival Wiesbaden/Germany 2016 Oppose Othering
Katalog des Institute of Documentary Film Prague:


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