Sa. 23.04.22 um 11 Uhr beim Filmfest Bremen im City46

CineCinema Auftakt zum deutsch-schwedischen Austausch

CineCinema – to all parts art is a joint project between Filmbüro Bremen, FilmCentrum Syd (Malmö, Sweden), Hypnos Theatre (Malmö, Sweden) and På stubben (Huaröd, Sweden). 12 Kurzfilme und 12 Künstler:innen: Das schwedisch-deutsche Austauschprogramm „CineCinema – To all parts art“ stellt seine Teilnehmer:innen vor.

Filmbuero und Filmfest
Filmbuero und Filmfest

Um die Frage zu beantworten, was das Filmemachen als Kunstform so einzigartig macht, treffen sich 6 Teilnehmer:innen aus Skåne (Schweden) und 6 Teilnehmer:innen aus Bremen (Deutschland) und versuchen gemeinsam, Inspiration in verschiedenen Kunstformen zu finden, etwa in Poesie, Bildender Kunst und Performance, Klang und Musik – alles, um die Grenzen des linearen Geschichtenerzählens und der vereinfachten Kausalität zu erforschen und zu durchbrechen.

CineCinema ist ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt vom Filmbüro Bremen (Deutschland), FilmCentrum Syd (Malmö, Schweden), Hypnos Theatre (Malmö, Schweden) und På Stubben (Huaröd, Schweden).


Time is Up (2022)

Musical Composition - Maria Pelekanou
Visuals - Camila Mejía
Length - 09:38 min
Genre - Experimental 8-Channel Multimedia-Installation
Logline - The center of the Milky Way is too far away to visit. Astronomers (of NASA) create visual representations of digital data (in the form of units and zeros) collected by telescopes in space and convert them into images. The same goes for the sound. They call it sonification and take the listeners to other galaxies.

Gender Reveal Party (2022)

Director - Elliot Malmenborg
Length - 05:15 min
Genre - Drama/Comedy
Logline - He or She, what will it be? Rebecca and Daniel is expecting their first child and have gathered family and friends for a Gender Reveal Party.

Untitled 16mm Self-Portrait (2019)

Director - Alex Beriault
Length - 03:11 min
Genre - Experimental Film, Performance Documentation
Logline - A double-exposed portrait of the film’s subject. Two versions of her reverberate between one-another while slipping between synchronicity and dissonance.

Being Human (2020)

Director - Klara Bond
Length - 09:43 min.
Genre - Poetic/Essay
Logline - A group of friends. Thoughts and secrets. And the difficulties of being human.

Blue Hour (2022)

Director - Camila Mejía
Length - 03:09 min
Genre - Stop Motion Animation
Logline - The phenomenon of natural light, the blue hour, conveys a dreamlike atmosphere through its colour palette and the subtle transition of the scenes, where the silence and tranquillity of the natural surroundings communicate a mystical mood that prevails in the images.

Dreaming, so long (2022)

Director - Evelina Jacobsson
Length - 14:33 min.
Genre - Drama
Logline - The first (sometimes beautiful, sometimes awkward) hours during laying eyes on someone, about love confessions that are not dared to be spoken but still come out loud.

Quick and painless Co. - YOU chill, WE kill (2017)

Director - Joris Immenhauser
Length - 03:42 min
Genre - Crime/Thriller
Logline - Two gangster try to interrogate a woman in a surreal dark surrounding, but control of the situation unexpectedly seems to shift.  

HYBRIS (2020)

Director - Gwendolyn Nielsen
Length - 07:00 min.
Genre - Art/Experimental
Logline - A dive deep into the Director´s diary.

You See a Dog on a Tram And You Remember That You Once Had a Dog

Director - Menghzue Xue
Length - 05:22 min
Genre - Experimental
Logline - It would make him conscious of the desire to live on the part of his prey.

Love in a loveless time (2022)

Director - Veronica Nielsen
Length - 14:51 min.
Genre - Documentary/Essay
Logline - A documentary based on memories of falling in love, reflecting on why people don’t fall as intensely in love anymore and a tribute to all of those who feel intensely.

Heartbreak Hotel (2021)

Director - Linus Wirth
Length - 02:48 min
Genre - Rom-Com
Logline - Stuck in a time warp, Olivia must somehow escape the repetition in order to finally give Rosa the long-promised kiss.

Funeral Comic (2022)

Director - Victor Bergström
Length - 11:51 min.
Genre - Comedy
Logline - A story about a man in red, a friend, a hero, and professionalism.
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CineCinema – to all parts art is a joint project between Filmbüro Bremen, FilmCentrum Syd (Malmö, Sweden), Hypnos Theatre (Malmö, Sweden) and På stubben (Huaröd, Sweden).


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